Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fin. With an update

Updated 2/24/15 - So when I wrote this over three years ago, I had a huge life project come upon me, it was time to put my energy into something else. I was (and still am) done with the so-called OSR.

  The project... ah, it was glorious and it's coming to an end. BUT... the blog is not coming back. I look at my posts, I look at what I see on the blogs -- and I see much the same. It's still pretty much the same it was three years ago. There's still a DIY vibe, there's still some interesting things, some things have not changed and never will, and some things, quite frankly disgust me. No, not YDIS, I'm talking about the many fucked up Kickstarters.

  Anyway... what I really came to say was that I'm starting gaming again. I've got a small supplement out for Daniel/Delta's Book of War. I've got an online game rolling. I'm winding down the big life project so @thePrincessWife/Angie and I are playing our 1:1 game again. I'm posting mainly on G+ now, just more about my life. I said what I had to say back then and there's really nothing left too exciting, I'm going to start repeating myself. BUT... if you want to drop by and yak on G+, please do. Or come see me at a convention or gamestore.

(Original post from Nov 2, 2011)
This blog is no longer actively maintained. This blog was a personal journey and exploration of an old guy who loves playing OD&D (Original 1974 D&D), AD&D (Advanced D&D as published in 1979), the Basic versions of D&D (As published between 1979 - 1983) and the "retroclones" that have come in the past 5 years.

  What remains here are the top 25 or so most viewed/commented posts, my solo game posts with my wife (of which there were quite a few!), and some links to downloadable content. A table of contents is below, behind the "Read More" link. The downloadable content links will remain to the right.

  These remaining posts represents a compromise between my desire to nuke the entire thing, and my association with historical societies and museums that advocate saving content on top of readers asking to leave it all up. This is a personal decision and I'm sure this will make nobody but myself happy, but shigata ga nai. As someone said, "closure is valuable" and this is what feels right to me.

  If you know me and need to get in touch with me, you know how. I'm not going to stop gaming, although that has slowed down significantly thanks to life. I won't stop reading forums or blogs and perhaps commenting here and there. I'm just done with blogging about it and with being as active as I used to be.

  I have no parting words of wisdom, nor any great philosophies that I've learned by sharing a big part of my life from 2008 to 2011. It was, in the end, simply about gaming and sharing those games with others. I had fun, I learned some cool shit, I made an ass out of myself a few times. I guess what remains here is what probably best reflects what this blog and I shared with you all.

  For those of you who shared back, or who bought my crappy little books for beer money, thank you. For those who gave their money to the TARGA fundraiser and Toys for Tots fundraisers, you have my extremely humble thanks and wishes for good karma to visit you.


Table of Contents

Solo Games with my wife

RPG/Adventure releases:
The Siege Perilous - Ultima RPG - playtest version
Announcing the Swords & Wizardry Quick Start module

One Page Dungeon Templates
One Page Dungeon Level Templates
Announcing the One Page Dungeon Contest
The One Page Dungeon Contest PDFs
Wilderness Maps Revisted

DM advice/discussion posts
DM Dilemma: Charm Person
DM Dilemma: It's OK to say No
DM Dilemma: It's OK to say No - no really. Say No.
DM Failure (long, freakin' long post)
Dark Ages - Dissection of a near TPK
Why skills checks?
Miniature-less abstract combat in AD&D/OD&D
Gaming on the cheap: DIY Miniature Carriers

War gaming and D&D posts
The Wargaming Roots of D&D - Revisited
The Wargaming Roots of D&D
Wargaming roots and 4E

Sandbox Advice posts
The sandbox myths - they continue and I stomp 'em
The sandbox problems and the DM skill level

Opinion posts
Where's our EPT and Blackmoor? Is the "OSR" doomed...
So much for the hobbyists...
If you're going to blog...
Rant: Old school D&D is suited towards Tyrannical DMs?
The line (a rant on the "fad" of old school)
Where are we at? A reflection of old school gaming.
Not an Edition Warrior, but I have chosen a side...
Heavy thinking for a Thursday
I have the cure for Gamer ADD

Other stuff posts
AD&D/OSRIC campaign - Requiem for a warrior/mage
Post Vacation (NSFW art)
Using my DM skills for "good"?
GaryCon 3 Wrapup
Another D&D Monster in Real Life

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