Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Vanity, thy name is "A New Blog"

"Don't call it a comeback. I've been here for years..."
- apologies to LLCoolJ for the use of his lyrics.

I've started a new blog. It's not the "OSR" blog like this one. I have no interest in going back. No, this new blog is just about the games I play, the campaigns I am creating, the things I make and the miniatures I'm painting.

No reviews, none of the OSR opinion, or trying to do all the shit I did previously. I'm pretty much over that. This is strictly vanity, or that childlike "Hey guys, look at this neat thing!" feeling.

Should that be of interest to you, though, go here:

If you're looking for the list of posts and things I've kept in this old blog, click the "Read More"...

Table of Contents

Solo Games with my wife

RPG/Adventure releases:
The Siege Perilous - Ultima RPG - playtest version
Announcing the Swords & Wizardry Quick Start module

One Page Dungeon Templates
One Page Dungeon Level Templates
Announcing the One Page Dungeon Contest
The One Page Dungeon Contest PDFs
Wilderness Maps Revisted

DM advice/discussion posts
DM Dilemma: Charm Person
DM Dilemma: It's OK to say No
DM Dilemma: It's OK to say No - no really. Say No.
DM Failure (long, freakin' long post)
Dark Ages - Dissection of a near TPK
Why skills checks?
Miniature-less abstract combat in AD&D/OD&D
Gaming on the cheap: DIY Miniature Carriers

War gaming and D&D posts
The Wargaming Roots of D&D - Revisited
The Wargaming Roots of D&D
Wargaming roots and 4E

Sandbox Advice posts
The sandbox myths - they continue and I stomp 'em
The sandbox problems and the DM skill level

Opinion posts
Where's our EPT and Blackmoor? Is the "OSR" doomed...
So much for the hobbyists...
If you're going to blog...
Rant: Old school D&D is suited towards Tyrannical DMs?
The line (a rant on the "fad" of old school)
Where are we at? A reflection of old school gaming.
Not an Edition Warrior, but I have chosen a side...
Heavy thinking for a Thursday
I have the cure for Gamer ADD

Other stuff posts
AD&D/OSRIC campaign - Requiem for a warrior/mage
Post Vacation (NSFW art)
Using my DM skills for "good"?
GaryCon 3 Wrapup
Another D&D Monster in Real Life

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