Monday, October 3, 2011

Toys for Tots 2011

It's that time of year again, as I begin to start wearing the thermals and heavy leather gear for riding that thoughts go to Christmas and the Chicago Toys for Tots Parade.

Last year, you all humbled me with your generosity and fellowship to donate to good causes like Toys for Tots.
Our family got together and shopped for toys with your donated cash - I chipped in the cost of tax so that your money

I'd like to appeal to you again to support us again this year. $1, $5, $10, $20 - it all makes the difference in the world, especially in this day and age with the economy sputtering and people long out of work. I will once again chip in the gas, the sweat equity and my cold ass shivering on a bike on parade (provided we don't get ICE like we did last year - that did keep me home, unfortunately, I donated the toys as a drop off to their warehouse.)

The PayPal button on the left over there will take you to a Paypal donation form. You do need a paypal account. If you'd rather mail me a donation, that's fine as well, just drop me an email.

Thank you so much, and blessings to you for your generosity.

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Alexandre said...

Man, you are anwesome!
I was searching for some tips to rule a solo game, because I will run one with my girlfriend and by luck I found your blog talking about you gaming with your wife!
Your tips are great and now I'm more trustful to do it. After read all the tips I started to read some 'news' in your blog and found about your Wife and now this things about the toys.
I just wanna thank you for give me those tips and all this lessons about life.

Oh, and sorry for my poor grammar and write. I'm Brazilian and do not speak your language soo well.

Good luck on all!