Wednesday, November 25, 2009

OD&D Solo game w/wife - Restarting

I needed to get back to what makes me happy - running games. So last night, @theprincesswife and I reviewed where our campaign had taken her character, Aeli and her merry band of henchmen, hirelings and other miscreants... er... followers.

The outcome is that I've started a new Obsidian Portal campaign wiki for the Vale Campaign:

Tonight, she's plunging back into the Tower of Zenopus to seek books for the sage Nikodemos. She knows that there are goblins and bandits within... I wonder what else she'll find?

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Daddy Grognard said...

Looking forward to following this one again.There's something about this campaign that really piques my interest - maybe it's because I'm doing something similar with Junior Grognard and your campaign log is inspirational, a veritable cornucopia of tips and ideas.

And it'll keep all Chgowiz fans going until the new season of Dark Ages.