Friday, February 18, 2011

Plans for the weekend

Plumbing & Furniture... that should be some sort of game. "I rolled a 1! The pipes leak all over the place!"

Wait, that's probably gonna happen anyway. My first time soldering copper piping. If you have small children or weak constitutions, you probably should stay away - the cussing will be epic.

Anyway, I'll finish up on my 5 OWM/Reaper orcs. It took about a week to crank out 5 of them - probably about 12 to 15 hours of work in them but it's worth it - they look great and the emulation of a particular theme came out like I hoped. I'm also extra-grossifying the OWM orc shaman, but I'll let the Februrary minis recap tell that story.

Next on the list is a quick 'break' of two old Citadel ghosts in a neat fashion, then I'm moving on to "the piece of shit that shall be cool" WotC Red Dragon. With that, I'll conclude all 39 of my "primed" list I started in January. What will I do after? I should be getting some archers in a minis exchange soon, so I'll have my DBA Sumerian I/1a army waiting to be done... but more OWM pretties first!

Oh and if anyone has a spare Merry/Pippen for the Games Workshop Mines of Moria game... I tossed them out by accident when I was separating the sprues. I'm still a little WTF over that...

So all that and hopefully, hopefully... @thePrincessWife will take on Alaxus in our OD&D solo game! She's rid of the cursed "fancy sword" and hired some extra muscle to take on the 8 rotting things, 8 piles of bones (they're not sure if they're alive or not.. and I'm not telling -yet-) and one "something" that closed a door by pointing at it. We'll see how it all turns out... I'm excited! :)

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