Monday, June 1, 2009

PrincessWife's OD&D Solo game - Games from last week

Last week saw my wife finally face something that seriously conflicted with her plots and plans - the fact that not everyone might just trust her.

Her character, Aeli, set a trap for bandits who had been plaguing the road between Valetown and Westport. The trap succeeded and she captured seven of the scoundrels. The town scoundrel who she'd shanghai'd into assisting her (at sword-point) somehow escaped and ran off into the darkness soon after the battle.

She approached Valetown - which is a sleepy little farming/produce trade center - with the bandits tied up. Said town's sleepy townsguards were a little surprised and somewhat intimidated, especially when the bandit leader started arguing that Aeli was the bandit herself!

The townsguards were not amused by the arguing, nor were they willing to just take Aeli's word for it, so they marched the whole lot to jail. Although Aeli had just helped Valetown with a ghoul problem, the Patriarch admitted that it was possible the bandit leader was right - Aeli could be a bandit herself. The scoundrel who could've confirmed Aeli's story had run off. They all cooled their heels until morning while the Patriarch confirmed their story. He did, so Aeli was freed.

It was interesting to watch my wife as a player deal with an unexpected turn of events. She coooperated and roleplayed quite well in arguing her case, and she knew that she would eventually be found to be in the right - but I also attribute that to her taking good notes as she could now produce names and information.

She now has her "slingshot" rock launcher to take out the skeletons at the bridge, should Brother Atu fail in his turn - I'm really curious to see how the dice roll to see if she'll be able to smash skeletons with this thing. She's really put some thought into it!

Things will be a bit tougher this week, for playing OD&D - we have a camping trip we're preparing for, and a lot of extra things going on - but I hope to get some time soon.

And no, I don't fear the doghouse if she doesn't "win". In fact, I love giving her obstacles and challenges - because the PrincessWife is EXTREMELY competitive when faced with challenges.


Adaen of Bridgewater said...


Good post. I'm always interested in spouses who game together. I need to rope mine in as well.


Chgowiz said...

Thank you! Heh... "rope in"... comment to a post about throwing a wife in jail. I love it! :D

Tim Shorts said...

Never thought of that. Throwing the wife in jail. Might be interesting. Now I have to hurry and post this before she reads it or I'll be in jail. *click*