Wednesday, March 17, 2010

OD&D Solo game w/wife - 4th level

My @thePrincessWife reached an achievement in OD&D/Swords & Wizardry; she attained 4th level. On the eve of her birthday no less! In OD&D, she would now be a "Hero" which was significant in Chainmail - she would be considered a special type of character and now able to confront the truly fantastic of creatures. I mentioned to her that word of her accomplishments and travels are starting to become noteworthy not only in the immediate area, but regionally.

We played a bit last night - much of it was concerning "paperwork" in reviewing things like how Hit Dice worked, her various skills and abilities and her henchmen.

We also had some fun watching the dice give @thePrincessWife fits! She has concluded that there must be a back entrance to the Tomb of Alaxus, given that these ratlings seem to be living there and probably did not come through the front door. She is not a ranger or skilled woodsmen, so I gave her character, Aeli, a base chance of each hour finding something, if something was there. The more she searched, the more I raised the likelihood of finding something, or positively concluding that nothing was to be found. The only downfall was wandering monster checks.

[Spongebob Announcer Voice] Five hours later... [/Voice]

So the dice were not kind and five hours passed in-game while the group trekked around this hill looking for something - anything! It wasn't until the wandering ratlings cued Aeli to the location of the secret entrance that she found it. We all had a good laugh on that and had to regretfully stop playing for the night as we just ran out of time. Either tonight or tomorrow, she'll enter this narrow hole in the ground and see where it leads to.

I'm really looking forward to getting her new "true" 25mm miniature all painted up and ready to go - as I am looking forward to completing Tironell's miniature (the NPC mage that accompanies Aeli.) Although I have no problem killing him if needs be, I have come to enjoy the banter between her character and Tironell. Unsurprisingly, it mirrors some of the same banter she and I have. Go figure!


Anonymous said...

Woot!! Block party on the old man's lawn tonight, tell all your 4E friends!!

On a more serious note, how long did it take her to reach Hero? Real time number of sessions that is.

Blair said...

Aww, so sweet, looks like the honeymoon never ended!

You OSR family guys always give me the warm fuzzies when you tell tales of your "family gaming adventures"

James Bobb said...

It's cool that you have a spouse that enjoys the hobby alongside of you Michael!

Michael S/Chgowiz said...

@TBF - We've been playing since November of 2008, but very sporadically. I'd estimate it's been 20 games, some of which were only 2 hours long. When it's just one character, an NPC and 2 henchmen + hirelings - the XP tends to add up quickly. I'm also doing the 100XP/HD bit.

@Blair/James - thanks! I agree, I'm a very lucky guy and I love having this shared unique story with her. (I'm really chomping at the bit because she's >< this close to getting into some really cool shit!)

Anonymous said...

Excitement + cool shit = campaign awesomeness to commence! Good to hear and good luck!

word verification: vulting, as in it sounds like the Old Guy's campaign is pole-vulting :P

Blair said...

I'm really not sounding like my cynical, jaded, death metal listening self when I say that you can definitely see that she loves you dearly in that photo. Too dang sweet!

BTW, a bit off topic, but I hope I didn't step on your toes with my Black Ziggurat mania...

Michael S/Chgowiz said...

@Blair - thank you and not at all!