Friday, April 3, 2009

Another D&D monster in real life

I found this bit originally in the Swords/Wizardry forums here.

(April 2) - Staff at a British aquarium have captured a massive sea worm that had been terrorizing other aquatic life.

It really does look like something out of a horror movie," Matt Slater, the aquarium's curator, told the Mail. "It's over 4 feet long with these bizarre-looking jaws."

Oh yea, this is going in one of my campaigns. 4 ft long and eats metal. What's not to love?


Giant Sea Worm
AC: 6[13]
HD: 3
MV: 9/18 swimming
AT: 1 bite (1d6)
SP: Upon successful attack, target must save against the paralyzing/numbing affect of the worm's bristles. Failure means a numbing or loss of use of a limb. This effect is cumulative. It is up to the DM on the specific location or effect (suggestions include cumulative -1 to hit/AC, -10' movement, can attack only every other round, and so on..).

If the creature scores a critical (natural 20) or an attacker fumbles (natural 1), then an effect could be that the worm ate some of the metal of the attacker's weapon or armor - DM's choice.

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