Monday, March 30, 2009

Wife from Solo Game answers your questions

A couple of weeks ago, I asked if anyone had any questions for my PrincessWife who plays in the solo game that I blog about. You did and she's answered them. Please feel free to ask follow-up questions and thank you, PrincessWife, for being a guest. :)

Who asks for a game, is it him or is it you? What's the time window you pick?
He asks but I am usually they one who gets the yay or nay veto power. My choice is Friday nights, but sometime we will play on a week night if not too tired.
I need to get my wife to game, while she is very supportive of me being active in my hobby, she has zero interest. See if your wife has any ideas. Though I imagine we would have to connect on some theme we both enjoy, and then translating that into a game... which could prove difficult!
Try and get her involved in creating her own characters and the story line, find out if any of it interests her and start there.
I'd love to hear how she felt about gaming before she started this campaign and now; and why things changed if they did. How do you feel about having all of your exploits posted here for us to kibitz over?
I hadn’t given D&D gaming much of any thought after my high school gaming days, Mostly the change was for quality time spent together with the hubby Chgowiz.

As far as my exploits kibitzed, well. He pretty much knows me well enough to understand what would really embarrass me, so far we are good. So far, LOL

[Ed. note: That's because I like sleeping in my own bed at night...]
I've read elsewhere that Chgowiz dances around and is very animated while running his D&D games. Is there any truth to this? Do you control his caffeine intake before game sessions?
Animated ? Well, depends on how evil and excited about his plot he is. As for the caffeine, no we don’t have to hide that. But the sugar…heh.
What previous experience do you have with regards to RPGs and table top gaming.
Very little experience except some weekend playing in the summer time in H.S.
Who's idea was this game, yours or your husband's?
If you mean the campaign that we are playing it was a combined effort with the story.

[Ed note: Starting the game, and then Great detail (a little too much detail) about the first session and her backstory, which she wrote all by herself.]
What game system are you using, who chose that system, and why.
Uhhh system ? Have to ask the DM that one.

[Ed note: I started the campaign with microlite74, then moved to Swords/Wizardry to move us firmly into OD&D territory.]
Could you tell us a little about your character. Start with the standard Name, Race, Level, Class and then tell us about her personality, hopes, dreams, motivations for adventuring, etc.
Oh, ok. Let’s see.

Aeli Therron, human fighter level 3. Her favorite weapon is her long bow. Although she’s a little smitten (obsessed) with her enchanted fancy sword right now.

She’s a noblemen’s daughter who is on a quest to find the evil mage that killed her family.
What are some notable events which have occurred in the game so far?
One of the coolest things so far was Aeli running up the stairs of the tower, flinging open the trap door at the top, long bow ready, rolling a 20 to hit the magic user, heh.
What is something that has happened so far that you thought was awesome, or just great.
See above
What is something that has happened so far that was horrible, or not good?
Not horrible, but frustrating was when I was standing in a grain pile and could kill a bunch of giant rats because of footing. I was all grr.
If you were forced to choose how would you have your character die.
Big, big battle with her long bow, hopefully not when she finally finds the evil mage. I hope I don't get all the way to the end and die when I meet the mage.
Who is your character's most hated enemy? Why?
The mage that killed my family.
Who is your character's closest friend? Why?
Probably Terronell [Ed note: An NPC] despite herself because he is a magic user. I do have two henchmen I’m pretty fond of. I take care of them a lot and they are super loyal.
Being a DM's wife myself, I gotta ask... Do you ever think the two of you will ever turn the proverbial tables so that YOU are the one running the game?
Nope, no interest at all about DM’ing. I love the adventures because Mr Chgowiz has an amazing imagination. It’s better than reading a fantasy adventure.
Do you ever completely out of the context of a game session start asking him questions about the game..or worse yet, break into character and start talking about what's happening in game?
I constantly try to make him spill the beans. He never ever does, Grrr...
And finally, IF some Hollywood producer got the notion to turn your solo adventure into a swords-and-sorcery movie, who (if anybody besides yourself) would play your character?
Good one, probably Helen Hunt, LOLOL. Don’t ask.
Just what kind of "role-playing" earns the real XP in this game, anyways? (Wah wah wahhhhh! Sorry, can't think of anything serious to ask at the moment)
Sadly the DM cannot be bribed with my womanly ways for XP , hee
Since you're in a relationship with your DM other than the the DM-player, how do you keep one from affecting the other? Are you ever tempted to make threats like, "I better level this session, or you're getting burnt toast for breakfast for the next week?" Or just get mad at him for things not going your way in the game and burning his toast anyway?
Well, women are women, and to let the (womanly) secret out we will pout to try and get our ways. But no, I have never threatened him with burnt toast. Me personally I am extremely, and I do mean extremely competitive in nature. If he let me win I will be really PO’ed. Now if my character died I would probably pout for a while and want to come back and kick some major butt.
Thank you PrincessWife - if you guys have followup questions, I'll see if she'll answer them in the comments. Now I have to go paint her miniature...


Tim Knight said...

Very interesting. After I dragged my poor wife around Salute (a major wargames show in the UK) yesterday she said she'd like me to show her how to play a simple wargame (but "not one of those where you make up the story" - meaning D&D, which I've been trying to pique her interest in for years).

We'll start with the toy soldiers and, if that's a success, I might be able to use that as a gateway drug to RPGs :)

Mad Brew said...

@PrincessWife: Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions!

I have concluded there is just no way I could get my wife to game, except maybe once the little one is old enough and wants to play (and then I can proclaim it 'Family Time'.

Elton said...

Ah. Very interesting. The fourth couple I know of that games. ;)

Spike Page said...

Thanks for answering all those questions, Chgowife! :D It's good to hear from other healthily-happily-married folk who game.

And Acrobatic Flea, your lady is truly a rare find. Hang onto her. If anybody ever thought RPGing women were a rarity, you should see how many (or how few, if any) turn up at tabletop wargame conventions. I do a teeny bit of historical gaming, but often find myself "playing dolls" with the models as I push them around (speaking dialogue for them and pretending they're actually interacting with one another and not just killing one another)

Michael S/Chgowiz said...

@Flea - that's really great! You know, a simple wargame focusing on a dungeon dive doesn't have to have a story... and it might be another way of luring her in.

@MadBrew - I hope that works!

@Spike - Heh. I get bored at long running miniatures games and start having conversations with them as well. I would do the "scritch< blablabla >scritch" radio type talk voices when I would play Battletech. It would usually entertain/annoy my foes. *chuckle*

s7610ra said...

I've concluded that whilst missus would be a good roleplayer that it is good to have some hobbies we don't share.

Viriatha said...

What I think would be terrific is: when you post game reports, her comments in italics like yours were here :) it would be great to get both perspectives ^^