Monday, March 16, 2009

OD&D Solo Game with my wife

The Princess Wife and I sat down for a quick session of her Vale campaign on Friday night. I introduced her completely to the concept I've shamelessly stolen from Alexis/Tao of D&D in that there is no "Ye Olde WalleyMarte" - she had to visit a furniture maker for sturdy chests and a locksmith for a decent lock, now that she has more coins than she can conceivably carry around on her. She's also been awarded a lease to a small apartment, which the NPC mage and her two followers are now all squeezed into.

So while all this "setup" role playing is going on, she decides to investigate what is going on with the bandits. She decides to visit a more rough Inn to seek information, upon which I award 3in6 chances of there being a bar fight. I roll a 3. Cue the big, burly drunk idiot who wants to make my wife's character his girl friend of the evening. Cue one of her henchmen who takes great offense. Cue the jumping on tables, smashing of chairs, butting of heads with the ends of sword hilts and the tavern owner growling that "losers pay..." as Aeli and retinue sheepishly look at the 5 thugs laying in various states of subdued glory. The epilogue is that my wife finally just takes 3 days of healing from HP damage.

The funny part is that right after I rolled and mentioned the drunk guy, she looked at me and deadpanned "We're going to have a barfight, aren't we?" Hehehe, yes we are.

My wife is about to venture on an overload trip to find some bandits and help a particular Patriarch in Vale about a Tower. Who knows what lies in store for her...

A couple of lessons learned - the Swords/Wizardy rules for subdual/unarmed combat were easy to roll with - I had to come up with an on-the-spot concept for her to run, jump on a table, jump off the table onto a guy and grapple him (Dex check and Str check). She passed the Dex check but failed the strength test to fully grab him - which meant she's on top of this guy, tussling with him as the other henchmen start to pummel... them both. I probably would have given her one or the other, but with the exploding chairs, bottles and plates flying all over the place, I wanted to inject some randomness into it ... and the chance was high she'd end up flying off the table and have to do something else...

Second lesson was to make sure I've got the right stuff printed out for my campaign in my binder! I thought I had my special shopping guides for Vale, but they're not there... argh! I really need a decent working printer at home... nothing I hate more than having the dumb look on my face while thumbing through the other campaign binder to find the shopping guide.

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