Thursday, January 15, 2009

OD&D Solo Game with my wife - Day 6.1

We squeezed in a couple of hours playing tonight before leaving on our trip. Kids and family will make it nearly impossible to play this weekend. It was mainly roleplaying and some adventure hook setups:

- Merchant has signs in every tavern/corner offering a reward for his missing daughter Lemunda.
- Aeli finds out that the mage from the tower bore a ring from the Dark Mage school of Um-Loran, located in Mhaldor. This ring was also worn by her betrayer, Calypso.

More NPC/hireling lessons in battle tactics as they had Aeli buy them spears for the second row occupants. She also dropped quite a bit of gold on healing at the temple and shields for the hirelings. Although gold spent means XP earned, it also means she needs to find more loot. Oh darn. This leads her to her next adventure, going through the tunnels under the Keep to rid it of the strange monster killing guards and keeping them from their food stores.

She had just started entering the tunnels when time ran out on us. We "froze" in place for pickup next week. I know it's not exactly old school, but for the solo game, I'm more comfortable with the "freeze", especially since she's in an occupied Castle near the homebase. She quite understands the concept and "bad things" about staying in a dungeon proper. We're just brain dead and ready to get some rest before the "Family Vacation" this weekend.

(And this general overview will be how I do my reviews from now on - talk about lessons learned and highlights from the game.)

This shall be my last post till I return. Be well and play/fight on!


Joshua Macy said...

We always handled sessions by freezing at the end. Whether it was safe to try to spend the night in the dungeon was only an issue when the players tried to hunker down and get eight hours rest in-game. If we had to stop playing and get to class or something, the session could pause in mid-sword swing. We're actually more careful about getting to a logical stopping-point nowadays, when it might be two weeks between sessions, than we were back when we were playing nearly every day or even more frequently.

Anonymous said...

My favorite 'Freeze" moment had to be when I had to leave my players on a 3 month hiatus (We didn't play when we were going to be missing a player over the summer). They were given the task of eliminating this evil warlord(ess?) raising an army to reclaim what she claims is her homeland (and anything else in her way).

The group snuck into the fort and posed as Evil recruits (only because they were caught [Except the thief] and pulled off a great Bluff roll). The problem occured when they met the warlord and she knew who they were (Drugging them before revealing that little tidbit) due to a traitorous NPC in the previous adventure.

She had them hauled outside for public execution (Great team evil morale booster) and lined them up outside the open pit toilet wall.

Earlier that session, they got the idea to create a distraction to allow them to sneak into the Warlord's chambers and eliminate her. so they taught the goblin portion of her army how to make the equivilent of molatov cocktails and to toss one into the pit toilet, when an orc goes in, as a funny joke.

So for three months, they were 'frozen' at the moment where she was giving the order for their execution and hearing something glass-like roll into the pit toilet they were lined up against.

Needless to say, the remembered that cliffhanger even after 3 months of no game.

Michael S/Chgowiz said...

@jamused - that's a good way of looking at it. We really did just run out of time, and we'll have a quick two minute "what happened" recap when we start back up.

@Bob-san - that's a great story! So what happened...?