Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sneak peek at latest painted dragon miniature

Sneak peek @ my latest painted mini. Gold dragon on Twitpic Light posting today - but I thought you might enjoy a (blurry) sneak peek at the latest paint job - Reaper's Dark Heavens Silver Dragon (#02539) by Sandra Garrity. I've re-purposed it as a Gold Dragon, one of my all-time favorite D&D monsters.

The sculpt came in 6 pieces and unlike the WotC Red Dragon, this one fit fairly well together. The only issue I had was gap filling the tail, I have a bit of a ring/bump but it's not all that noticeable. Click the thumbnail to enlarge - sorry for the blurry quality of the picture, but my phone is almost 3 years old and it was early in the morning, still getting my coffee fix!

The base is a CD with a rock from my stone walkway that's breaking apart, plus a slurry of sand/modge-podge, basecoated with 50 cent Home Depot paint reject, inked with Devlan Mud and drybrushed with Bone White (sand) and Fortress Grey (rock). The dragon is mounted on the stone with epoxy - I wasn't taking any chances!

I'll do a step by step paint on it later.


Anonymous said...

That dragon looks great, I love how it's off-centered and... wow that's a cd for a base?! Big dragon indeed!

sirlarkins said...

Oooh, fancy! Even blurry, it really gets across the sparkliness of a metallic dragon.

"Say, if we killed the dragon and scaled it, I bet we could fetch 10gp per scale..."

sirlarkins said...

(Theoretically speaking, of course.)

bighara said...

Nice work. I like the base, too.

You'll find Garrity dragons a DREAM to deal with compared to the WOTC ones. I painted this same model right after finishing the WOTC Black. I re-purposed it too (for a blue, with a greenstuff horn on forehead). It's just such a classic sculpt and pose, it can be any dragon, really.

ChicagoWiz said...

@SirLarkins - Heh. That would be quite a feat, killing a gold dragon, especially when they are on the side of Law. Takes a very Chaotic person.. *sly grin*

@bighara - Yea, it was, compared to the modeling required on the WotC Red Dragon. I am very tempted to hunt down the Black Dragon and paint that one... how bad was it? Another Green (stuff) Dragon?