Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mesopotamian Tombs

When I was designing the Tombs of Hultep-Khoa back in March, I stumbled onto this fascinating atlas of the Valley of the Kings tombs at Thebes, Egypt. I still love going to that site.

You'll then understand the pleasure I had in finding an interactive map of the Royal Tombs of Ur at the British Museum's website. It's fascinating that this is a complex, very similar to VotK. I won't have to change much on my maps, then. :)

However, the Tombs just became enclosed in a ziggurat.

(Photographs Copyright by Lasse Jensen, all rights reserved.)


Gabriel said...

I follwed the interactive map and noticed that in room 800B there's a pit on the entreance corridor to te right. No tomb is a good tomb without a pit trap against raiders!

Jayson said...

I still remember looking through a Childcraft book of art and being arrested by a full-page photo of that Ram in the Thicket statue. Lapis Lazuli is so lovely (never mind a recurring phrase in the DMG...)